Belize Mission Project 

Construction Projects

There are opportunities for repair and new construction on schools and churches in many parts of Belize.  A construction mission can also be linked to a youth ministry.

ATTENTION TEAMS FROM TEXAS: The Texas Conference of Methodist Churches will match your supply funds!

  • Burrell Boom: There is a teacher's house that still needs plumbing. Kitchen units need to be installed and the floor to be finished.  The outside of the house also needs plastered and painted.
  • Belama: A new chapel is almost completed. It still needs doors, windows, and the the rest of the work to be complete.
  • Wesley Methodist School: Located in one of the poorest areas of the Belize City. Work will be starting on building new facilities for technical students adjacent to Wesley Upper Primary School, as well as planning more classroom space for the lower grades.
  • Epworth Church: needs a new roof.
  • Belmopan: A new high school is beginning construction. The first students are planned to start September this will take alot of effort!
  • Corozal:  A partially completed apartment needs to be converted to a temporary classroom space while plans are made for a more suitable school extension.
  • Punta Gorda School: Needs repair work.
  • Stann Creek district: Several schools here either need repairs or new classrooms added.
  • Wesley Church: Our largest Church in Belize. It is also in need of a face-lift, including painting, new toilets (there is only 1 currently), construction of storage space, and general landscaping and maintenance work.
  • Zion Park: There are plans for a new classroom at a rural school which would double as a worship sanctuary.

As you can see, YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!
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