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Psalm 127:1

News from Belize

August  2010

Greeting to everyone from Belize. 

Life has been very hectic here in Belize over the past few months, and I apologise for not having found the time to write a news letter until now.

June was filled up with end of term activities for the schools, including various primary school graduations (Wesley Upper School had over 100 children graduate, most of them able to find places in high school), as well as at Wesley College, the Methodist High School. We also had the arrival of the first of a number of Mission Teams during June and July from the United Methodist Church in the USA. Between them all, Wesley Upper School has a new toilet block, several classrooms at Wesley Lower school have a fresh coat of paint, there has been progress on the new church at Belama, the teacher’s house at Burrell Boom has been tiled, further work has been done on the school in Forest Home, and the also at the clinic in Mafredi – the last 2 being way down in the south of the country – and extra classroom space has been adapted at Corozal in the north. Working together with local church people, 4 Vacation Bible Schools have been held in Belize City and at least 8 at various other locations throughout the country. There were also medical clinics held at various locations around Belize, and Corozal Methodist Eye Clinic celebrated 25 years of service. We even had a group of teenagers come from Houston to teach computer skills to some of the girls at Youth Enhancement Services and at Ebenezer School. In addition, we held 2 Summer camps at the end of June/start of July, one for the children and one for youth – with a total of around 100 young people spending nearly a week in Corozal; only nearly a week, as the start was delayed due to the first tropical storm of the season, Alex, coming right over Belize City. Thankfully the winds weren’t too bad and we just had a lot of rain. As well as delaying the start of camp, one of the teams had to spend an extra 2 days in Belize as their flight was cancelled. 

For all the work and dedication of both local people and the teams, we give God thanks and praise. And we look forward to the promised visits by several new and returning teams in November. We thank God too for the additional funding received to enable the children from Zion Park to continue their education at Wesley College. 

In between all that activity, we were preparing our youth for the MCCA Youth Encuentro – a gathering of Methodist Youth from across the Caribbean and Central America (not forgetting Guyana), which takes place every 4 years. The Belize / Honduras District sent 19 young people and 5 chaperones, including myself to Trinidad. We returned at the start of August, after 10 days away; over 300 young people met, worshipped, attended Bible study sessions, went on mission projects, and responded to God’s call. Many of them were richly blessed, and it was a fantastic experience. They even managed to persuade me to join in the cultural presentation - a Kriol dance. I feel privileged to have been able to participate; yes it was hard work and tiring, but if we can bring back even a little of the energy and enthusiasm of these young people and include it in our churches here in Belize, it will have been worth it. They have returned ‘on fire’ for Jesus! The task now is to nurture and support them as they return to Belize after such a ‘mountain top’ experience! 

We are also trying to move forward with our Children and Youth Strategy plan, and will be commencing training for leaders in the near future as well as encouraging more participation of the youth in all areas of church life. 

However, my immediate plan for August is to take a break; after all I need to ensure that Caroline (the EEP Volunteer staying with me) gets to see some more of this beautiful country of Belize before she returns to England in September. 

With love and prayers

Mrs Maggie Patchett

Serving as a Mission Partner with the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas Belize / Honduras District.

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